Some Specific Responsibilities Of The Proctorial Board Are As Follows:

  • To maintain discipline in the Institute regarding students; ensure Institute rules are understood and followed;
  • To keep an eye on the general moral behavior of the students.
  • To prevent the student from indulging in any political activities on Institute premises.

On the recommendation of Raghavan committee and the directive of supreme court, anti-ragging cell (ARC) of the Mahavidyalaya operates under the chairmanship of Principal/Chief proctor and HODs, of the faculty. ARC curbs down the evil of misconduct and ill behavior of any student in mental and physical harassment of new students. Cases of indiscipline or indecent behavior of any student, cases of individual/ group harassment, threats, manhandling etc. are dealt strictly by the Proctorial Board. 

The Proctorial board will follow following procedure to initiate enquiry if the complaint is ascertain:

  1.  The complainant is called for hearing and his statement is recorded.
  2. The accused person(s) is called for recording his/her statement.
  3. Witnesses mentioned by both parties are listed and they are called for recording their depositions.
  4. Any evidence, from security staff/ staff or other persons, who were present there and had witnessed the incident, are called and their statements recorded.
  5. A cross-examination of the accused and the complainant is conducted.
  6. If any material evidence, like audio/video tapes/paper documents etc. is available, the same is examined. The authenticity is established from the submitted documents.
  7. Finally a comprehensive report is prepared where specific charge against the accused is framed and a show cause notice is issued and accused will be suspended from classes till he submit his defence and punishment is decided.
  8. The defenced given by the accused persons in the show cause notice is studied and examined.
  9. A report is prepared as per the “Prime Institute Students’ Discipline and conduct Rules”, appropriate disciplinary action is recommended.
  10. Final report and recommendations is submitted to Director General/ Director for approval & final decisions.
  11. Consequently, the award of punishment is conveyed to the student duly signed by the Director.
  12. The punished student has the right to appeal against the punishment and Chairman is the empowered authority to deal with appeals.