Scholarship :- SC/ST/OBC/GEN and economically weak students get scholarship from state government. Such students must fill the form given by Zila Samaj Kalyan Adhikari and Submit it with all the required documents at the time of required. admission.

Fee Structure :- The fees should be paid once at the time of admission. The College authority reserves the right to give concession to economically weak and meritorious students, the course fees will not be refunded after admission.

Rewards :- Late Ram Nath Singh award will be given to the students on Merit, an examination will be conducted for this reward.

Attendance :- Attendence in each lecture and every topic is compulsory. Students having 75% attendance in every subject only will be permitted to appear in University Examination.

Identity Card :– A student must carry the ID card of the college. ID Card in the College premises, in public places or during traveling.

  • A student will be accepted as an authorized student only when he/she can produce a valid ID card whenever required.
  • If the ID card is lost should be immediately reported to the chief proctor.
  • Any change made in the card without permission of chief proctor or any staff for wrong use it will be counted as a serious offence.

Discipline :- All the students of G.S.D.C. should maintain the glory of the institution for building up a new nation, discipline and good character are needed, it is possible only when every person is dynamic, firm and has the attitude of serving the nation. Every student should maintain discipline, in disciplined student will be restricted from the college, fine can also be charged for less punishable action by the student. If any student has complain he/she must inform at the office, well disciplined students will be rewarded every year by the Principal.

Disciplinary Committee :- To maintain discipline in the institute disciplinary committee has been made. The principal, proctor, professors are the members of this committee, who will keep an eye on the activities of the students. Students must not involve in any such activities which will break the discipline of the institution and the committee will have to take action.

Vehicle Stand :- There is a vehicle stand within the college campus, student will have to park their Vehicle stand only, otherwise the fine of rupees 10 to 15 will be charged.

Dress Code :- Students will have to come to the college in proper uniform.

Boys :- White shirt, Gray trouser & Gray Tie

Girls :- Gray Kurti, White Salwar, White dupatta

A student must carry the ID card college premises, in public places or during travelling. To issue library card fees receipt and ID card are required. (Student can get a book from the library for 7 days only. On returning of the first book, 2nd book will be issued. There will be a fine of Rs. 1 per day after the returning date is over.)

Library :– In case of lost or damage of library book the student will have to pay the full cost of the book. In case of lost of library card, student will have to pay Rs. 50/ for Duplicate Library Card. The student who will not return a book of the library will not remain eligible to issue further books from the library.

Railway Concession :– The student can avail the rail concession as per rule, for which they have to apply at least three days before in writing, without ID card no concession will be issued.